What is it about a bouquet of colorful balloons that brings out the celebration in us?  Parents tie them to street signs so people know where the birthday party is. There are “girl colors” and “boy colors” and every color in between for adding that special touch to wedding celebrations, as well as anniversary, retirement, and holiday parties. They are blown up for games, released into the sky to bring awareness to a cause, and tied to children at carnivals. They signify celebration—imply it even—and no added thought is usually needed.

Unless you are faced with a choice to either celebrate something or succumb to the sadness that floats heavily in the air right alongside those colorful balloons. Then some added thought is needed.

The image above was taken with my camera. In this shot, I decided to capture only the joy of colors blowing in the wind. And therefore, that’s the only thing you see. But on this same day, I took another picture of this same bouquet that shows the sadness floating heavily in the air right alongside those colorful balloons. And I had a choice to make. Succumb to the sadness, or choose to celebrate.



On January 24, 2013—one year after his death—I chose to celebrate my grandbaby’s birth. Celebrate that he is tucked safely within the folds of Heaven, never to know the pain of this world. Celebrate, while sadness knocked at the door of my heart that I won’t hear his laughter on this side of Heaven, or see his smile, or watch him grow.

It’s very fitting that as I prepare to celebrate the release of “Broken Umbrellas,” I circle around to my first grandbaby. For you see, it was at his funeral that “Broken Umbrellas” got its name.


You, honored guest, are warmly invited to my launch party for “Broken Umbrellas.”

There will be nothing but celebrating for I choose to embrace the hope and joy that God brings through connections and fellowship and marveling at His wondrous bounty. There is so much hope and joy on the pages of “Broken Umbrellas” and I pray you also embrace that and come celebrate God’s goodness with me.



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