Barn Doors

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Hearing God’s voice in my life isn’t always easy. Sometimes He gives me a blank canvas and lets me paint to my heart’s content as long as I stay within the boundaries of the canvas. When I feel Him leading me down a certain road, I immediately ask for barn doors to swing wide open and neon lights to flash “This way! This way!” God delights in pulling open those barn doors that creak on rusty hinges and plugging in the neon lights that guide me down the right path. As my spiritual roots grow, He doesn’t open those barn doors as wide, nor does He always plug in the neon lights. But He never fails to show me His goodness I just need eyes to see and ears to hear. He delights in me when my spiritual eyes and ears can spot His goodness no matter how it arrives, whether flashing and stampeding through a barn door, or fluttering on a butterfly wing. Barn Doors is a collection of short stories about seeing and hearing God. It’s a collection of rusty hinges creaking open, butterfly wings fluttering on breezes, and a harvest of God’s goodness in my life.

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